When it comes to accessible remodeling, it's not just about meeting ADA standards but ensuring that your home is a haven of comfort and functionality. Whether you're preparing your home for your golden years or accommodating a family member with mobility challenges, there are key features to consider. Here's a comprehensive guide on ADA remodeling projects and updated features to enhance home accessibility.

Aging in Place with Elegance

There's a common misconception that home remodeling for accessibility means compromising on style. However, with today's innovative designs, you can have a home that's both stylish and accessible. By partnering with a seasoned accessibility design expert like TraVek, you can ensure your home is not only safe and comfortable but also a reflection of your personal style. Keep this guide close as you embark on your home remodeling journey in the Scottsdale area.

Scottsdale Living Room

Top 7 General Home Modifications for Enhanced Accessibility

1. Stairs

  • Non-slip surfaces, such as indoor runners and grip strips for outdoor steps
  • Eye-catching contrasting on each step using alternating paint shades or wood finishes

2. Doorways, Halls, & Flooring

  • Doorways should be a minimum of 36 inches wide for an accessible home 
  • Spacious and well-lit hallways for wheelchair maneuverability
  • Lever door hardware for ease of use
  • Zero thresholds for seamless room transitions and trip resistance
  • Contrasting color systems for noticeable floor-level changes

3. Embrace Smart Technology

  • Simplify life with voice-controlled smart technology
  • Automatic sensor lights for convenience
  • Voice-activated appliances and shades
  • Control doors and lights, and monitor video doorbells via tablets or smartphones

4. Lighting & Electricity

  • Maximize natural light with additional windows
  • Install more outlets and light fixtures
  • Lowered light switches with modern touch switches
  • Sensor lighting for automatic illumination
  • Energy-efficient LED bulbs and floor track lighting for nighttime navigation

5. Security

  • Audible and visual systems for doorbells, alarms, and detectors
  • Comprehensive security and intercom systems
  • Emergency switches for immediate assistance
  • Alarms connected to emergency services

6. Reduce Maintenance

  • Opt for easy-to-clean finishes
  • Use long-lasting LED bulbs
  • Implement built-in pet feeding systems to minimize physical strain

7. Entryways

  • Step-free covered entrances
  • Sensor lights at every entry point
  • Package placement surfaces
  • Illuminated lock systems


Top 4 Aging-in-Place Bathroom Remodeling Projects

The bathroom, often a hotspot for accidents, requires special attention. With accessible bathroom remodel solutions, you can ensure safety without compromising on style.

1. Shower

  • Curbless showers are not only safe but also a trending feature
  • Pedal and anti-scald controls
  • Handheld showerheads with extended hoses
  • Offset controls for easy access
  • Built-in seating

2. Sink

  • Wheelchair-friendly clearance
  • Consider a dual sink setup at different levels
  • Touchless faucets with temperature regulation
  • Faucets installed on the side of the sinks for reachability

3. Flooring

  • Opt for slip-resistant tiles with a matte finish
  • Stylish and functional stamped or penny tiles

4. Grab Bars

  • Towel bars, soap dishes, and toilet tissue holders that can support a person’s weight blend seamlessly with your bathroom decor
walk in shower scottsdale

Top 5 Aging in Place Kitchen Remodeling Projects

The kitchen, another critical area, should promote safety and functionality. Here are our top recommendations for kitchen remodeling solutions

1. Sinks

  • Features like lever handles, pedal controls, and anti-scald mechanisms
  • Shallow sinks for easy access
  • Side-mounted faucets
  • Wheelchair-friendly spaces beneath sinks

2. Counters & Cabinets

  • Matte-finish countertops to minimize glare
  • Multi-level workspaces for varied heights
  • Rounded countertop corners
  • Accessible lower cabinets with pull-out features

3. Appliances

  • Microwave built into the lower cabinets
  • Large format control panels
  • Elevated front-loading washers
  • Side-by-side refrigerator setups
  • Safe cooktops with clear indicators

4. Lighting

  • Task lighting under cabinets
  • Toggle light switches for easy access at a lower height

5. Flooring

  • Smooth, non-glare, slip-resistant surfaces
  • Stylish and functional flooring options

Top 3 Aging in Place Projects for a Multi-Level Home

You don't have to leave your multi-story home behind. With the right ADA home modifications, you can continue to live comfortably in the home you love.

1. Install an Elevator

To be able to access your second story more easily and safely, opt for an elevator. An in-home elevator can more easily blend in with the design of your home and just look like another closet when the door to the lift is closed. Have some fun with your elevator design and add details on the interior, like paneling and trim, a trending paint color, patterned wallpaper, and low-profile sconces.

2. Additional Primary Suite

A ground-level primary suite will also allow for adding privacy. The additional primary suite can also include a wet bar with some of the kitchen features made just for the right level of accessibility and can include a patio for morning coffee and a private place to enjoy time outside.

3. Build an In-Law Suite

If you’re reading this guide as someone who’s planning a remodel to welcome a loved one, you could give them more independence and privacy with an in-law suite with all the accessibility features they need. Your in-law suite–attached or detached–could have a separate exterior door, a private patio, and a well-marked and lit pathway to the main home. The smaller footprint of an in-law suite puts every need within reach while giving you peace of mind.

Choose TraVek: Your Premier Phoenix ADA Remodeling Contractor

When embarking on ADA remodeling projects to make your home more accessible and accommodating, it's crucial to recognize the immense value that comes from working with an accessibility-certified designer. These professionals possess specialized knowledge and expertise in understanding the unique needs of individuals with disabilities and can help you create a space that seamlessly combines functionality, safety, and aesthetic appeal.

At TraVek, Inc., we take pride in having accessible-certified designers on our team, who are dedicated to ensuring your project's success. By collaborating with our in-house experts, you'll benefit from their proficiency in ADA regulations, standards, and best practices, which will not only streamline the remodeling process but also guarantee compliance with all necessary requirements. Furthermore, our designers can bring innovative design solutions to the table, enhancing the overall quality of your project and making your home more inclusive and accessible. With their guidance, you can be confident that your ADA remodeling project will not only meet legal mandates but also improve the quality of life for all residents, fostering a space where everyone can thrive comfortably and independently. Reach out to us for a consultation and let's make your home a haven of safety, functionality, and style.


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