Laundry room remodeling in ScottsdaleLaundry does not have to be boring, a chore, or a pain.  We have helped numerous homeowners in Scottsdale and Phoenix convert space in their homes to a laundry haven.  In our experience and in our opinion, here are some of the keys to creating a useful and beautiful laundry room.

Adequate space.  Ideally, the space should be at least 80 square feet if not larger to accommodate the washer, dryer, hampers, storage cabinets and solutions, countertops and work surfaces, drying racks, sink, ironing board, and other features that Scottsdale homeowners tend to want and need. 

In laundry room remodels where space is at a premium and every inch counts, we often recommend space-saving solutions. Stackable washers and dryers are a great option, allowing for vertical utilization of space. Pull-out hampers housed in cabinetry keep dirty laundry organized and out of sight. Front-loading appliances that fit under countertops maximize usable space, and combination washer and dryer units are perfect for compact areas, providing both washing and drying functions in one appliance. These options not only optimize space but also create a functional and efficient laundry area. 

Having sufficient countertop and work surface space is another key to a well-designed laundry room.  There should be adequate space to sort, fold, and iron laundry.  For those homeowners in Scottsdale and the Phoenix area that may not need to iron frequently, we often suggest a pull-out ironing board as a space-saving option. 

Just as we see with kitchens, a well-designed laundry room is an organized laundry room with adequate storage solutions to house laundry detergent, fabric softeners, cleaning supplies, hampers, and baskets.  Common storage solutions for laundry rooms include cabinets, drawers, shelves, baskets, and hampers.  We are seeing homeowners gravitating toward pull-out divided hampers that provide designated areas for whites, darks, and colors housed in cabinets. 

Homeowners positively respond to quartz countertops for their laundry rooms because of their durability and ease of maintenance.  Other common countertop and work surface materials include stone, laminate, and ceramic, and usually it coordinates with whatever type of countertop is in the rest of the house.  Ideally, a deeper countertop provides adequate space for folding and sorting and adequate space for a deep-basin utility sink that can be used for treating stained clothing, hand-washing, and other tasks that may even include bathing kids or pets. 

A hanging rod and drying racks are additional must-haves in a well-designed laundry room for Scottsdale homeowners.  Drying racks can be installed inside of cabinets to provide a clean, clutter-free look to the laundry room.  Hanging rods can be placed underneath overhead cabinets or from the ceiling.  The key is to provide enough room to hang clothes freely.  Clean lines can be enhanced by concealing hoses and appliance connections.

Similar to kitchens, the laundry room also needs to be properly ventilated and well-lit providing a combination of task and ambient lighting.

What features and design elements should be part of your dream laundry room?  Give us a call at 480-367-117 and ask to set an appointment for one of our designers to come to your home to talk about how you can turn your dream into a reality.

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