European Kitchen Design Eurocucina is held every other year in Milan, Italy as part of Salone del Mobile one of the largest furniture and design fairs in the world.  Eurocucina offers a window into the trends that will dominate kitchen design, materials and products in the years to come.  We are pleased to provide homeowners in Scottsdale with this year’s Eurocucina perspectives and trends dominating design and materials. 

EuroCucina is always a showcase for innovative kitchen design trends, and this year was no exception. One of the most impressive aspects was the continued focus on sustainability and eco-friendly materials. Many designs featured recycled materials, natural finishes, and energy-efficient appliances, reflecting a growing consumer preference for sustainable living.

Another notable trend was the integration of smart technology into kitchen design. From intelligent appliances to connected lighting and automated storage solutions, kitchens are becoming more advanced and user-friendly than ever before.

The trends included: 

  • Multi-Functional Space
      • Designs focused on the growing importance of multifunctional space and adaptability that allows for the seamless integration of cooking, dining, and entertaining in the most important room in the home.   
      • Islands continue to be a focal point especially when they are connected to countertops or rounded or rectangular dining tables.  This approach serves to combine the kitchen and dining room into one space. 
  • Strategically placed open shelving and functional wall panel systems enabling homeowners in Scottsdale and Phoenix to display their most prized cookware, glassware, artwork and family heirlooms.  This trend offers a perfect blend of visual interest and functionality.
  • Less is more: Pocket and folding doors and sliding countertops that conceal the stove, appliances and sink allowing the kitchen area when not in use to blend seamlessly into other living areas.
  • High-performing, environmentally friendly and natural materials that include wood, marble, terrazzo and head-turning natural stone that connect the indoors with the outdoors, adding warmth and visual interest.  These materials were complemented by  warm color tones that included terracotta, taupe, sage, clay, ochre, mustard, rust and brown.
  • Two tones kitchen.  Bases in one shade and wall cabinets in another.
  • Rounded corners and curved surfaces that provide a softer vibe in the kitchen and add depth and sophistication to the space.  
  • Sustainable appliances using sustainable materials and leveraging smart technology to decrease energy consumption
  • Smart technology that simplifies and streamlines meal preparation and cooking and allows homeowners unprecedented control and personalization capabilities for meal preparation and offerings.
  • Textures on cabinets and island bases featuring grooved front panels, fluted, reeded and beaded panels in solid wood, laminate and glass providing an almost unlimited opportunity for homeowners  to make distinct and personal design statements in their dream kitchen.
  • Smart technology that uses less energy, reduces waste and simplifies and streamlines preparation and cooking that give homeowners (in name of service territory) unprecedented control and personalization capabilities for their family meals.   
    • Smart refrigerators that reduce food waste. 
    • Smart ovens that know how long to cook different food types without having to set temperature or time   
    • A-I generated recipe recommendations 
    • Voice activated ovens, dishwashers, faucets, lighting and thermal comfort 
  • Increased presence of steel and aluminum, offering a futuristic flair and a look that you often find in the world’s finest restaurant kitchens.
  • Outdoor kitchens with large countertops and open-air designs.

How can homeowners in Scottsdale capitalize on these trends to create the kitchen of their dreams that withstand the test of time?  Give us a call at 480-367-1171 and make an appointment for one of our experienced designers to come to your home. Let us show you how to use the latest trends to create a kitchen that you will love!

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