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Our showroom designers design a lot of new bathrooms for homeowners in Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, and the Greater Phoenix area.  There are several design features that homeowners may not have initially considered in their research and planning but simply could not live without once they experience the benefits those features, products, and design elements deliver.  Some of our favorite and most cherished recommendations include the following:

There’s nothing that says “wow” better than a heated floor. Yes, even here in Arizona! Imagine on a chilly winter night you walk into your new dream bath not on the cold floor covering, but on a warm and toasty surface that surprises and delights your toes.  Heated floors are universally adored by homeowners in this state, and many are surprised by their affordability and relative ease of installation.

Similar to kitchens, you can’t have too much storage in a dream bathroom. Depending on the available space, we often recommend a combination of shelves, drawers, cabinets, and niches to create homes for towels, cosmetics, cleaning supplies, grooming aides, medicines, and other common products that homeowners store in their baths.

A great storage enhancer is niched in the shower and/or tub areas where people can place shampoo and other bath products such as conditioner and body wash.  Many homeowners appreciate it when we design two niches for the shower or bath area.  The larger one can be used for larger bottles and a second smaller cutout can hold bars of soap, razors, and other grooming aids. 

We also recommend to many of our clients that they make the investment in high-performing, long-lasting plumbing fixtures. You want faucets, shower heads, hand showers, and other plumbing fixtures to withstand the test of time.  A high-quality faucet will feature a ceramic disk cartridge (leakproof) and a lifetime finish. This is something we always explain in our Remodeling Seminars because people just do not know. There is a valid reason for the price difference between faucets from a box store and faucets from a plumbing store. The faucet may look exactly the same. However, if you simply lift and compare the weight of a faucet from a box store and one from a plumbing store, the one from the plumbing store is much heavier. It is because the one from the box store is made of not-longstanding plastic inside instead of ceramics. A high-quality shower system offers a thermostatic valve that enables you to set your shower to a predetermined temperature and the valve maintains that temperature until the water is turned off.

Speaking of hand showers, they are considered a must-have by homeowners in the Scottsdale area who have installed them in their homes.  Hand showers are used to clean the shower enclosure, for rinsing freshly shaved legs, and for bathing small children and sometimes even the dog.  

A sculptural freestanding tub, gorgeous vanity, statement-making light fixture, or other-worldly tile or stone can help create head-turning focal points in your dream bath.  

Invest in lighting because lighting can make or break the look and feel of your dream bath.  We recommend a layered approach to lighting that provides the right light to prepare for the day or a night on the town, for general illumination, and even LED strips that can light the way to the water closet in the middle of the night without disturbing your partner.  

What design features can take your new dream bath from good to great?  Give us a call at 1-855-221-8286 and ask to make an appointment with one of our designers. Let us show you how to create the bath that exceeds your most lofty expectations.

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