In the past few weeks we have covered granite, quartz, and solid surface countertops.

This week our focus is CONCRETE COUNTERTOPS.

Homeowners have been requesting decorative concrete for some time now, but typically it has been used on patio decks, outdoor kitchens, gazebos and driveways and other outdoor areas. Now when design is trending toward contemporary, we have been hearing more about concrete countertops.

Concrete countertops are definitely a premium countertop. There are many benefits, and in a way, you have a lot more design options than with granite or solid surfaces. Concrete can be formed in almost any way. You can have inserts of shells or broken glass or rocks or other various items in order to fit your design. It can also be colored any way. Each contractor has his own "recipe" and color scheme, and no two will ever be the same unless they're made from the same batch. Every piece is unique. With that being said, you will never find an exact matching concrete for an existing concrete countertop. 

Concrete countertops are stain resistant if they are sealed properly. Important to remember is that when concrete is sealed or waxed, they are not heat resistant. A trivet will need to be used for hot pots and pans in order to not mar the surface.

Concrete countertops are priced right in there with your premium countertops such as granite. The premium pricing is attributed to the artisanship that goes into the countertop, not necessarily the concrete itself. These are custom crafted and usually have some sort of special detail or unique design. The transportation and installation of them is also somewhat delicate in that concrete countertops can crack easily when transported, and that adds to the cost as well. 

Concrete countertops can be either built on site or pre-cast in a shop. If you have special effects that need to tie in with the construction of your house, it may be built right on-site. Otherwise they like to build it in the shop where they have controlled conditions for the entire curing process until the countertop is sealed.

Just as we here at TraVek have said regarding other premium countertops, we do not recommend doing this yourself unless you are putting it in some unnoticeable spot such as a workshop. The professionals can truly create and deliver beauty because they have the experience which will allow them to avoid cracks, air bubbles, dried out concrete, wasted time, and frustration.

If you want to know more about concrete countertops, here's a great website:

We'll be back next week with TILE COUNTERTOPS.

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