Yeah, I know...sounds silly, but TraVek, a Scottsdale Remodeling company, tries to stay on top of everything in remodeling!
Back to the title...that's an interesting question. Let's examine...
A kitchen is a place where some people spend a lot of time, especially the main cook or chef. In many homes, it is a gathering place of the home and family, and is a place where many memories are created.

Have you ever stopped to think that the color of your kitchen can make a big difference in the atmosphere it promotes? Colors are powerful and affect all of us. Just think of it; something so seemingly simple as the daily choice of clothes we wear can affect our outlook on the day. At the same time, it gives a message to others about our current frame of mind. The same holds true for the kitchen. The color of your kitchen affects people’s moods.

It is said that kitchens with fresh, invigorating, bright colors such as red, yellow and orange are stimulating and will increase appetite. Kitchens with cooler colors such as green, blue, violet and indigo will help you relax and decrease appetite. (Makes me wonder if doctors have ever suggested changes in kitchen color to help with weight loss...)

Yes, colors speak volumes without using words. What mood do you want to set in your kitchen? Do you want it to be a place full of life and stimulation, or do you want it to be a place where you can calm down and relax?

How Do You Decide The Color of Your Kitchen?  

  • For starters, think of the local restaurants. Which ones attract you? What is their color scheme? How would that fit in with the rest of your house?
  • Go visit places such as the Home & Design Idea Center in Scottsdale. There they have many different types of kitchens with different color schemes. Which ones jump out at you?
  • Of course, call TraVek at 1-855-221-8286 with all your painting and remodeling needs. Our design experts are great at visiting with you to try draw out the purpose of your kitchen (or other living space), and from there can help you find the colors and/or designs that suit the objective of your room.

Just as an aside, since it’s Easter, can’t you just remember Grandma’s light mint green or blue kitchen with white lace curtains, sunshine, action, family and friends, and lots of laughter?

Happy Easter and enjoy the weekend!

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