At TraVek our tagline for a long time mentioned quality service for quality life.  Definitely our purpose is to give you added quality and enjoyment to life through the pleasant surroundings we can design and build for you right within your own walls. We also enjoy looking at the whole picture, and when we see something else that can lend quality to life, we want to pass it on. We found the perfect rag for cleaning granite countertops!

Some of us here at TraVek, Inc. have been using Norwex products for some time already. When looking at their website, I couldn't help but notice their tagline is "Improving Quality of Life".

Briefly, Norwex is environmentally friendly cleaning solutions and products. You don't have to worry about inhaling all kinds of chemicals that may burn your lungs or hurt your eyes. It's gentle and clean. The main product most of us have been enjoying is the cleaning rag. We've found that they work splendid on granite counter tops! You don't have to worry about smears or shine; it leaves no smear and gives lots of shine.

“Clean Without Chemicals”
Why Norwex?
Save Money – This will reduce the use of chemicals, sponges, and paper towels up to 90%!
Save Time – Our cleaning system saves time & effort, making life easier.
Better Health – You don’t breathe, touch or ingest chemicals. Dirt & dust are removed instead of spread around. It removes 99% of bacteria from surfaces. This is a great benefit to those with allergies and asthma.
Better Environment – You will be doing your part to preserve the environment by reducing the amount of chemicals used.
It’s Tried & True – True life story…one of our member’s wife was hospitalized for six weeks. During that time, the dishrag did not get changed at home. No kidding, there was no bad smell to the rag, although it was feeling rather grimy by that time. We don’t recommend six weeks without washing, but you get the point!
We LOVE it! - The most exciting discovery for us was how well it works to clean & shine granite.
How Do I Use It?
The Antibac Enviro Cloth can be used for all surfaces. Clean everything using only water. Works great on walls, windows, sinks, tubs, and also as a remover of certain stains on furniture and carpeting such as color crayons or pencil. Can be used dry for dusting. When washing windows, it is recommended to use the NORWEX window cloth to polish the surface as well.
By Machine - Wash slightly dirty cloths with a little dish/laundry soap and hot water. Wash and with low lint items. DO NOT USE BLEACH OR FABRIC SOFTENER.
By Stove – Cloths can be boiled for 15 minutes to release dirt and grime.
Why is TraVek giving me this cloth? (Since we discovered the cloth we have been drawing a monthly giveaway winner from our new contact and current remodeling customer list.)
Simply because we love the cloths so much, we figured our friends and customers would like them, too.  Many of you have granite countertops, and we have found it to work so well in shining them up, so we are passing on a fantastic product!

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