Painting is a great way to give your home a facelift. Here at TraVek our start way back in the 70s in the home improvement industry began in residential painting.  An experienced painter will be able to help you find the type and color of paint, as well as use certain methods that will bring out the best in showcasing your home.

Although it is not so commonly known, there are quite a few options when painting: type of paint, quality of paint and most importantly, the prep work being done. (That's why we always says, If you are only looking for the lowest bid, TraVek is not the company for you!)

Why? When looking for a product or service, typically a customer considers price, quality, and service. Obviously everyone prefers the best quality and service for the lowest price possible. Anytime you start getting real low prices, something is being compromised, and in painting there are some important things to consider.

  • Preparation. The prep work typically takes about as much time as the actual painting. If you are having the exterior painted, it is important to powerwash to remove any chalky residue from the existing surfaces. This is key if you want the new paint to stay on your walls. If the surface is not prepared and powerwashed correctly, the adhesion of paint will be affected dramatically. Caulking is also needed for any cracks to prevent moisture from going into the walls and causing mold or structural damage. Interior preparation would include repairing any cracks, filling nail holes, and removing any dirt or grease residue in kitchens around stoves and appliances.
  • Paint.  A top quality paint should be used according to the manufacturer's recommendations of thickness and consistency in order to ensure long-lasting beauty and durability. It is very important to not overthin paints, which unfortunately is often done to save on cost. Paint thickness on the interior of a home affects durability when cleaning and washing; paint thickness on the exterior is vital in protecting the substrate from UV breakdown. Stucco is quite porous, and if there is not adequate thickness, moisture will go right through the paint and then the stucco. Adequate paint coating will help prevent this.
  • Masking and Covering. In order to  save a lot of cleanup and protect your interior and exterior, the area should be masked and covered: your fans, fixtures, window panes, trim, furniture, plants, and anything else in the near vicinity.

When you hire someone to paint, if you have gotten estimates from several companies or individuals, make sure to ask questions regarding the aforementioned items. It could make the all the difference in the quality of the job that is done for you.

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